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Our Youth case managers work with young people who are facing a variety of challenges in their lives. They may be at risk of homelessness, involved with the foster care system, or struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse problems.
Our Youth case managers help these individuals navigate the complex systems that support them by providing guidance and assistance with everything from basic needs to long-term goals.
Our Youth Case Manager Job Duties:
Our Youth case managers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:
  • Coordinating services with schools, hospitals, child protective services agencies, mental health centers, homeless shelters, and other entities to ensure that the youth’s needs are met
  • Working with families to develop appropriate plans for their children, such as developing a parenting plan or creating a foster care plan
  • Assessing the needs of the child or family members, identifying risk factors, and creating a case plan that outlines goals and objectives
  • Providing support and guidance to children and families during times of transition or crisis, including divorce, illness, or death in the family
  • Monitoring progress on goals and objectives, communicating with parties involved in the case and making adjustments as needed
  • Communicating regularly with children or their parents about their progress in meeting goals and objectives
  • Reviewing reports from case managers or other professionals involved in the case, such as therapists or teachers, to ensure that progress is being made
  • Coordinating services provided by other professionals such as therapists, psychiatrists, and teachers
  • Making referrals to appropriate community resources such as shelters, food banks, or legal aid offices
  • Provide emotional support, general case management, advocacy, information, and referrals for clients enrolled in the Youth Outreach Program.

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