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       Established in 2001, Inmate Navigator.Org is a California Youth  Authority.Org alternative, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization, based in Solano County, California. Through life coaching, Inmate Navigator.Org helps both delinquent and incarcerated youth in areas of treatment, training, and educational resources, with case management services. 
What is our mission? 

         Inmate's mission is to provide ethical and responsible legal document resources and services to clients; Hence helping to create accountability, responsibility, and identity in our client's legal objectives.

  • Our mission with our incapacitated clients is to deliver responsible, ethical and precise legal assistance.


  • Our mission with our incarcerated clients is to deliver responsible, ethical and precise legal assistance.


  • Our mission with our indigent clients is to deliver responsible, ethical and precise legal assistance.


          Inmate's legal resources and services via the World Wide Web help create change for the better. ​​​​​​​​​​​


Gregg Farr
Lead Legal Technician

Kius dreamed of running his own watch business but had his passion turned toward his community. He developed a passion for helping the community, by providing resources and services that will help create change for the better in every community.

Kim Bailey
Chief Production Officer/CPO

Kim loves to make things, from pixel-perfect web graphics to screen printed posters. She has a soft spot for arts & crafts, and Italian wine. In her spare time, she likes to do yoga and take photographs of her dog Cheeta.

Je'Niene Parker
Chief Financial Officer/CFO

Je'Niene had dreams of becoming an actress, but the passion of being a devoted mother came first. Je'Niene is a devoted mother of three, helping to expand their dreams with support and love needed.

​Lawerence Mills

Lawerence has traveled all over the world before settling down in Solano County. Otherwise known in the office as the net, Lawerence’s smarts and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been a rewarding experience.

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     A California Youth Authority (C.Y.A.) Inspired Diversion Program

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