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 Meet Our Ringmaster - Gator Glaze: As the founder and CEO of both Puffey's Candy Company and Big Top Treats, Gator Glaze is the driving force behind our commitment to quality, creativity, and making memories. With a passion for bringing smiles to faces of all ages, Gator Glaze ensures that every visit to Big Top Treats is a delightful experience.

"The Experience"

The Circus Experience: Step right up and immerse yourself in our circus-themed ambiance! Catering to all, we create an atmosphere that sparks joy and excitement. From colorful decor to playful treats, every visit to Big Top Treats is a journey into a world of sweetness and fun.

"Our Specialty"

At Big Top Treats, we take pride in crafting and selling the finest Candy Puffcorn, a signature creation of Puffey's Candy Company. But that's not all – our enchanting circus-themed wonderland offers a delightful array of treats, including Popcorn, Nachos, Funnel Cake, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, and Corn Dogs.

"Our Orgin"

Founded by the visionary Gator Glaze, the heart and soul behind both Puffey's Candy Company and Big Top Treats, we bring joy and flavor to Vallejo, California, and beyond.

"Our Future Goals"

Big Top Treats envisions a future where the magic of our circus-themed snack and treat experience is woven into the fabric of communities across the United States. Our ambitious goals include expanding our reach through a combination of franchise and corporate operations, bringing the joyous atmosphere of Big Top Treats to every corner of the nation. We aspire to create a network of 24-hour snack cafes that serve as vibrant hubs for families, friends, and individuals of all ages. These establishments will not only offer our signature Puffey's Candy products but also showcase an array of circus-themed snacks, delightful treats, and a warm, welcoming ambiance. Through franchising and corporate operations, we aim to share our passion for creating memorable moments and spreading sweetness, ensuring that the whimsical world of Big Top Treats becomes a cherished part of communities far and wide.

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